Want To Lose Weight, Don’t Rely On Exercise Only

Nowadays, one of the known causes of diseases is obesity. Statistics show that 60% of adults are overweight or have an obese stature. Obesity is a huge concern when it comes to public health. Many experts, health organizations, non-government and government offices exert a lot of effort in order to tackle obesity. Since obesity is understood as energy imbalance in the body, the energy taken from food should be balanced out by spending them through physical activity or exercise.


Unfortunately, obesity cannot be fixed by exercise alone. Many experts say that it is not sufficient when it comes to losing weight. Furthermore, the reason why people become obese is not due to being inactive. Obesity happens because of massive intake of calories and eating supersized meals.


As a way to curb this problem, it is important to shift the focus to the importance of healthy diet. We should change the way we eat and the food we consume. Food should have low levels of salt, sugar and fat. Moreover, it should be on small and energy-dense servings. Diet should also be rich in fiber. Another thing is that there should be strategies employed when consuming food. One should also know what can he or she obtain on the food he or she eats. Most of all, considering scarsdale diet would be a huge help when it comes to this.


All in all, it is important for us to realize the truth that laziness and gluttony isn’t the reason why people become obese. Obesity happens because we are bombarded with unhealthy foods. And consuming this food is the reason why many people end up being obese. However, observing proper diet would surely end obesity. 

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